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Changelog / Blog

  - You can now toggle obsidians
  - AA was not excluded as a child properly
  - Fixing the obsidian toggle may have also fixed the children issue

  - Updated to 3.61.1 
  - Added newest Obsidians 
  - Updated buildings
  - Updated breeding matrix
  - Updated dragon pictures

  - Updated to 3.32

  - Updated to 3.21
  - Added Mythic Emerald dragons
  - Portraits still to come

  - Updated to 3.00.1
  - Added Emerald dragons 
  - Added new event dragons
  - Breeding matrix updated
  - Updated to 2.90.1
  - Added Gloomclaw and Icicle
  - Gloomclaw + Renard has weird undefined child  

  - Updated farms to show raw figures instead of with research bonus

  - Updated to latest building upgrades

  - 2 New drags: Snowdrop and Algor
  - Added Sapphire research egg combo
  - Transfer limit and xp earned increased. Now tops out at lvl 186

  - Update after a long while. I'm still alive
  - Farm and Wood production rates have increased

  - Added Winter Season event dragons Tarand and Tengu

  - Updated to Garnet dragons
  - Updated breeding guide to include garnet combos
  - Aquileas name was hard to do because it has space in it. Fixed now
  - New spells not updated yet
  - Dragon portraits remain to be fixed
  - Portraits done
  - Spells updated. Missing portraits

  - Updated to new content
  - Attack tower upgrade times adjusted
  - Storage tower upgrade time still messed up

  - Updated to lvl 44 towers
  - High level towers 30+ now give more experience
  - Level 30+ towers now take longer to build! From 20 days to 25 days!
  - Some towers like ice have their wood cost reduced from level 30+
  - Fixed self destruct damage value
  - Took out hover and teleport. Not used ingame

  - Added Spells stats page. Version 1.0
  - Been messing with it for over a month
  - Took that long because I'm lazy and don't have Philz coffee on tap
  - I would pay good money for someone who makes the above happen

  - Fixed Ice Turret builder requirement
  - Site traffic for October. Almost broke 10,000 hits!
10/18: - There's a halloween bunny, pirate, robinHood, witch, and top hat. See if you can find them all! 10/18: - Updated to 2.53 10/5: - Added event dragon Ebon stats - Ice and fire turrets now go to level 40 - nocturnal fissure duration increased from 2 to 3.5 seconds 9/29: - Fixed dragon's power level. It's been wrong for almost a year... - Mehaten has a new icon - Found out that the iphone 7 upgrade credit is gone, mutter. 9/22: - Added platinum research egg combo 9/21: - Added sapphire tier breeding path 9/17: - Added rune lvl 6 stats for mythic runes 9/16: - Added Nightshade and Skarr's stats (legendary orange) - Added fire turret support to base layout tool - Latest OTA update changed sapphire den requirements - Instead of lvl 26 den for all levels, it now requires up to lvl 32 den - Sapphire legends require level 154 to max - Sapphire mythics require level 158 to max 9/15: - Added mythic rune upgrade cost and salvage value - Added rune exchange rate - Elven queen requires referral to reach lvl 40 intead of just 10 referrals - Note: breeding combos involving 2 plat legends have been diluted to breed sapphire - No breeding path use these combos so should have no impact - 2 more mystic dragons to come. Maheten was light based, guessing another will be dark based - Spell Radiance: Attack bonus 15%, heals 21%, explosion damage 6% of HP, 0 rage - Spell Crumble to dust: Damage building by 50%, reduce building attack power 50%, 2 rage, AOE - Spell Desiccating sands: 13% of HP. 1 rage - Spell Heat blast shield: 5 seconds, reduces 40% of damage, 2 rage, 2 rage empower, heals 20%, 25% damage bonus, explosion damage 8% of max hp - Spell Heated piercing breath: 3 seconds, 20% damage bonus, 1 rage, 1 rage empower, 0.2 solar per tower - Spell Umbral spike: Instantly takes out one building. 1 rage - Spell Nocturnal fissure: Absorb all projectile damage, 2 seconds, 2 rage, 2 rage empower, heals 20% - *TBD* Spell Apophet Shadow: Summons Apophet Shadow AI dragon, 3 rage, 1.5s delay, 0.5% attack power, 55% HP - *TBD* Spell Nightfall: attack multiplier 200%, 1 rage - *TBD*: Quick chat to teammate: - Red Mage Ahead, Save some rage, Save some towers, No help needed, etc. - Todo: Can't parse the latest summon dragon stats - Todo: Investigate Vulcan being bred twice in particular combo - Todo: Look for evolve dragon info 9/15: - *TBD* New MVP scheme. Earn MVP points for participating in war attack/defense. - MVP picked daily after war end - Win MVP portraits at 10, 100, 1000 MVPs earned - Attack: Do an attack: 25 - Attack: Each tower destroyed: 25 - Attack: Dragon damage dealt: 0.00001 - Attack: Rage spent: 0.3 - Attack: Each flame earned: 200 - Defense: Join a defend: 500 - Defense: Activate supershot: 85 - Defense: Break shield: 240 - Defense: Use hammer: 15 - Defense: Take down a dragon with base AI: 600 - Defense: Take down a dragon while defending: 700 - Bronze league MVP multiplier: 1 - Silver league MVP multiplier: 2 - Gold league MVP multiplier: 3 - Plat league MVP multiplier: 5 - Sapphire league MVP multiplier: 25 - Diamond league MVP multiplier: 50 9/14: Mehaten normal abilities: - Daybreak | Passive - Allows Mehaten to gain a small amount of Solar Energy for each building he destroys - Superheated Breath | 1 Rage, White - Causes Mehaten to deal more damage for a short time. Each building destroyed while this effect is active generates additional Solar Energy. - Heat Shield | 2 Rage, Blue - Surrounds Mehaten in a sun-like shield and reduces incoming damage for a short amount of time. Also heals him for a small amount when activated. If hit by a Fire Turret, Mehaten gains a large amount of Solar Energy. - Radiance | 0 Rage, Blue - Available to activate when Solar Energy is full. - Activation blasts incoming projectiles out of the air, regains a moderate amount of health, and becomes empowered for the rest of the battle. (See empowered abilities.) Mehaten empowered abilities: - Piercing Breath | 1 Rage, White - Superheated Breath transforms into this spell upon activating Radiance. - An amplified beam of solar energy that deals additional damage and is capable of blasting right through enemy shields (such as those provided by a Storm Tower or Ice Tower) and damages the tower underneath. - Blast Shield | 2 Rage, Blue - Heat Shield transforms into this spell upon activating Radiance. - It still heals Mehaten for a small amount of health and reduces incoming damage, but now on activation it also incinerates mid-air projectiles. 9/14: - In progress updating to 2.50. - File format have changed. Working to fix that - Dragon table updated. Mehaten is giving problems - Looks like they're only offering legendaries to begin with, with single parent combo - Fixed Dragon tier names - Fixed Dragon images - Fixed Mehaten breeding parents - Fixed Sapphire color string - Fixed sapphire parents not showing up if you specify what dragons you have - Fixed dragon xp needed - Food is now comma'tized. 1.8k food per use, ouch! 9/11: - Dragon and building stats updated to reflect higher levels - Show all stats by default, but allow mobile users to collapse to shorten display - Just came back from camping trip. Sorry didn't update earlier! - A moment of respect for our fallen Americans on 9/11 9/8: - Seem to be a lot of confusion about how to expand dragon stats. - Going to leave it expanded for the event. 9/7: - Base layout tool enhancements - Now it's easier than ever to change the base layout with a drop-down box of towers to choose. - No more cycling to get lucky (although you can still do that for mobile) - tower type and tower level now update dynamically. No need to manually press 'update tower' for changes to take effect 9/6: - Some people were complaining that they can't open the dragon/buildings stats. Forced it to look like a link and see if that'll help 8/31: - Summon warrior's attack type was changed and is no longer auto - Which explains why it's just a flying meatshield now 8/30: - Updated best way to breed research eggs under game info - Hide Dragon Stats table by default to help mobile users. - Let me know if you hate it - Let's screw with the building stats while we're at it 8/30: - Newest interesting facts about Amoeba Studios - Peak traffic hit 8700/day during egg breeding weekend - Averaging 3000 visitors a day - 80%+ visits the site from their phone - 60% of the traffic are from outside of the U.S. - Top pages: Dragon stats and Breeding guide 8/29: - Updated to 2.43.1 - Summon warrior attack priority changed to storm / mage / attack / totem / farms. - Summon warrior may be able to cast its own spells - When stealing totem essence, they all give healing abilities. 8/16: - Divine dragons now show the correct items needed for leveling - This includes dragons like sigurd and Phweemp 8/10: - Updated to new content 2.40.4 - New Dragon sigurd, requiring all kinds of new evolution materials - Fire turret attack changed from arrow type to fire type. - New research upgrades 8/4: - Added totem building stats - Fixed Dragon skills parsing 8/3: - Updated to 2.40.4 - New Divine dragon Phweemp - Would be embarassing to be beaten by a ridiculous dragon like that - Spells not accurate yet. Need fixing like Necroth 7/30: - Re-enabled mythic runes display 7/26: - Back from vacation. Booooo. - Vulcan and Kelvin max level increased to 35 7/9: - New dragons Lochsvur and Grumble - Away on vacation till 7/24! 6/27: - Drop rate for 1/3rd of the combinations have changed slightly - In general the drop rate of the last child have improved - Pairs that have changed: Pair Differences - Raw changes (> is new data): Breed Differences - If your breeding combo contain pairs from above you'll want to recheck 6/13: - Fix base displaying level numbers with empty towers 6/9: - Added support for tower levels in base builder - Chest drop rate now very difficult to calculate 6/8: - Added new Divine Necroth dragon stats - New avatar: Powered Runic Gustav

6/7 (2): - Updated to 2.30 - New fire tower. Fire turret attack is NOT accurate yet! - New mystic fragment that can be used for any normal egg - Plat dragons had their early den level requirements lowered - Fixed lvl 31+ ballistas all doing same damage as lvl 30. - Ballista supershot doing more damage (5 to 10 levels higher) - Fixed ice and fire resist wording on plat dragons - Defenders see more messages about what spells the attacker cast - Friendly ships in world map event? 6/7: - Standardize tower/background circle code so we don't have stray circles when loading base with empty towers - Cleaned up the javascript code to be more compact - When loading base with notes, first click should not clear content - Resetting base should reset notes as well - Made textbox a bit bigger 6/6: - Introducing: Amoeba's base builder! - Design bases for you or your friend, add comments about the design - Analyze your opponent's layout. Add comments on best way to attack! - Ability to save and load the base to share with other people - CHeck it out under the Base tab. Feedback welcome in the forums 6/5: - Working on something new, been busy in the background - Been playing with javascript and ajax for server backend stuff. Fun! 5/25: - Punish, Obliterate, Giggle. New WD mantra. - Updated breeding guide to include two gold paths 5/23: - Added my own version of plat breeding steps - Not the best but hey it's not too bad. 300k for all 5 plat legends - Suggestions welcome 5/6: - Fixed min level needed for mid-tier Plat dragons - Wasn't taking incubator level required into account 5/5: - Added a cool feature to help with breeding lookup: - When you click on the parent, it'll show you how to breed that parent - When you click on a child, it'll show you who it can breed - Fixed min level for level 1 Dragons - Change Shivano to Kulan, again... 5/4 (2): - More changes: - 4 new portraits. fireBrute, fireFighter, fireKnight, and Pog. - Sobek will be breedable in May - PG fixed iceTurret tower type - Super speed pack back down to 5900 rubies - Blue Magmorr fragments will be currency in May - Cerebro has been taken out of Pandi+Nosfer, Ferrox+Shivano, Ferrox+Jagra combos - Harvest time for lvl 24+ farms have been reduced - Sapphire to pay 400 tokens a day, while diamond pays 500 - Increased level cap to 450. Water shrine drag stronger as well - steal essence of ice towers changed from havoc to hurricane

5/4: - PG overhauled the breeding table. Happy Wednesday to you too. - Redo your breeding paths because things have changed - Kulan renamed to Shivano - New Magmorr epic blue warrior - Necura have been removed from Khry+Whale combo - Necura have been removed from Khry+Jagra combo - Jagra removed from Sek+Necura combo - cth + Kulan no longer gives cerebo and kaiju. Ouch! - kulan + crayzn no long gives quetz. Ouch! - PG basically took away the 3-legendary combos 5/3: - Fixed ice/fire tower resists names in dragon stats page - Fixed minimum level required for dragons - Some notable changes in latest release: - new type of fire turret tower with triple damage flaming arrows coming - new type of decoy tower with smoke shield coming - new resists for ice turret and fire turret - new type of colony? Seem to be related to the high seas map. - superspeed pack price got jacked up to 7k from 5900. - new divine fireball spell coming - rising phoenix brings dragon back to 80% health 5/2: - Updated to latest 2.20.2 release, lots of work! - Revised to new way of pulling game data - New platinum dragons breeding table and stats - Level 35 towers and other supporting structures - Probably lots more. I'll check it tomorrow. 4/27: - New over the air update changes: - New Raider portrait, resized potion dealer portrait - Fixed ice shard needed to upgrade high level ice tower - Kinnarakku now goes to level 25. Shudder to think what they have in store 4/26: - Added minimum level requirements for buildings, different than min level before - How's it different? Well I'm glad you asked. The real level you can build them depends on other factors like storage, builder, etc. So the min lvl now shows the actual level you need to be to build. - Also Added minimum level for Dragons - Fixed farms needed for storage 4/19: - Breeding Ormarr now gives Sahran frags instead of Kinnarakku frags - Fixed Dima's breeding table 4/14: - Need to finish my taxes! - Added breeding table for Dima, Ormarr, Fennrok - Added fractional egg ratio for divines for more tunability 4/7: - Updated to xp event OTA - New portraits - Chests will be farmable during XP event - Looks like inner fire can be used to buff Kinnarakku? 4/6: - Sigh, updating the info is going to be a BITCH now. PG have decided to not include all the data files on each release. Which means if I will have to build from a base set of files, then merge every update to form the final set of files... Doing that will be an absolute pain. - Updated to latest OTA update - New dragons Fennrok and Kinnaraku - Ormarr is available again 4/5: - Added iceTurret building stats - Added pictures to buildings 4/4: - March fun facts. What dragons are people trying to breed? - Looks like people are mostly finishing up greens and moving into gold - Although with the breeding guide up, more people are using the guide instead 3/29: - Updated to world event OTA update - New Sailor Pack. 500 gems to speed sailors 24 min yay! - New Super Speedup Pack - New dragon Kinnarakku coming in April. Still rare blue though 3/28: - Updated to 2.10.1 - Ballista initial damage increased. Not reflected in tables yet because it uses an initial poison damage followed by damage over time value. - New ice tower 3/16: - Added breeding table for Dimachaerus 3/9: - Updated to 2.06 - You may not have noticed, but a new dragon was added for Android. - A rare purple dragon called Dioskouri that summons - A ton of new glyphs were added to match the runes 3/8: - We are now hosting JAQ and Bulldog's podcast show! 3/1: - Traffic for Feburary. Peak traffic hit 5700+ during breeding weekend 2/24: - New stuff coming to Wardragons: Towers on Boats! - A new map with oceans/boats perhaps 2/18: - Fun fact. What dragons are people trying to breed?
2/18: - Added initial breeding guide 2/11: - Added breedable level to dragon stats 2/11: - Added option to specify number of fragments you already own. 2/9: - Updated to 2.03. No data file changes 2/8: - Happy Chinese New Years! - Added farm protected values - Adjusted storage protected values 2/7: - Fixed storm tower's special attack value 2/6: - Fix Dodopyyr's color. He's supposed to be orange but game egg claims he's a purple. - Now going by "tiers" when determining a dragon's color 2/5: - Sorted dragon's breeding table output - I approve of this portrait (with Twix for horns):

2/4: - Updated to Chinese New Year Dragons OTA version - 3 New dragons: Meridian, Bixi, and Yazi - Added build event achievement tiers under game info 2/2: - Added breeding table for dragons. - Click on dragon's name in Dragons tab to see what it can breed 1/30: - Fixed tower attack values - I did something last 2 days but I can't remember it now. 1/28: - Added reward distribution 1/27: - Added full rune stats 1/26: - Updated to 2.01. No dragon/building stats changes - The little things that fly behind dragons are called whelps or whisps - Devs added lumber and food packs for event awards. Max of 700k RSS - Open 10 chests have a small chance (9%) of a higher rarity award. - Opening 10 chests individuall does not - Lots of runes data to parse through. I'll present in new runes tab 1/22: - Added page for runes. More info coming soon - I want this developer's menu
1/21: - Added reward distribution for exp event 1/20: - Finally finished the breed combo rewrite in python! - Comes with some enhancements as well as better maintainability - Sort first by number of tokens, then by chance of new frags, then by children count - Eliminate duplicate pairings - Fix a fractional math calculation so now token count is accurate - Dragon name on result page is clickable and leads to stats - Added dragon power level 1/16: - Updated reward table for infinite battles 1/14: - In other news, Grypp is now "Blind but fearless" instead of "Fearless but blind" 1/12: - Added sacrifice spell information 1/8: - Fixed slyn's fragment count - With Rod's suggestion, lowered combo requirements for getting research eggs 1/7: - OTA update: Donivalis and Droyeuse now only need Den 18 - Added cumulative event rewards for diamond league under game info - Added research egg combos to game info 1/6: - Added eggs requirement to builder stats - Dragon stats now sorted by power of dragon - Sort order is: color, rarity, followed by class 1/5: - Updated to 1.90 - Next event Blackbloods - No changes to dragon/game parameters. Just additions to event and IAP packs - Breeding table for Doni/Droy not in raw data, had to use assumptions 12/30: - Added breeding table for Droyeuse and Donivalis 12/20: - Added dragon's attack stats. Thanks to Timothy M. for figuring out the formula! 12/19: - Updated to 1.81. Nothing changed 12/18: - Added more spell stats info. Some old, some new - Vampiric touch, havoc, intimidating roar, and thunderstorm 12/16: - Den and Storage requirements in Dragon stats page now clickable - Fix breeding page title bar not linking correctly 12/15: - Installed a chrome extension to block Star Wars spoilers Don't give in to the spoilers, that leads to the dark side. Force Block Extension 12/12: - Muhahaha found Jaculus icon. Awww look at that furry smile. - Fun facts about the site. Traffic peaked at 3,000+ during breeding weekend - And visitors come from all over the world 12/11: - Added changelog / blog because people like to read about nonsense. - Common section header layout - List dragon in stats page backwards, Australian style 12/10: - Removed red/purple/blue selections since everyone has them. I'm guessing no one will notice. - I was wrong, people complained. Added back the red/purple/blue selections. 12/9: - Updated data files to 1.80. Noticed three new dragons. Probably event dragons - Can't find picture of Jaculus, the laughing dragon. They be hiding it from me. - Added the dragon type (Gold Legendary etc) because it's useful to me, not you. - J/K it's useful to everyone. Eventually I'll need three lines to display everything that's "useful". 12/8: - Added more jokes to the forum. Don't people like jokes? I like jokes.